BOST-X       Per Buhl Acs Jørgen Teller Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva Tomas Ortved + Ron Schneiderman      
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Jørgen Teller & Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva started a duo-co-lab autumn 2009 - and loads of great visionary nights later it dawned
and culminated in the creation of a crazy mad-star-band with the two danish veteraniosos Tomas Ortved (Sort Sol, Alive With Worms))
and eternal mad punk-singer Per Buhl Acs (No Knox & Cyklon AntiCyklon) plus mr. Ron Schneiderman (Sunburned Hand of The Man).
In may '09 this unit recorded in Per's studio and performed at the already legendary Festival of Endless Gratitude (FOEG). 
In november '09 BOST-X performed a frantic 80 minute set as a 4tet (BOT-X so to say) at visual artist Per Elbke's show at BAGHOLD.

IN 2012 BOST-X (w guest Sofia Härdig) performed on a dübbelbill with SYND & SKAM at MAYHEM and later joined the
HY! Festival in december 2012for an extremely powerfull gig. Their new VINYL was released 3rd of september 2013

Per Buhl Acs, Jørgen Teller, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Tomas Ortved + Ron Schneiderman

in 2011 BOST-X played 2 Copenhagen gigs - look up the beautifull concert at LYGTEN      here's pt1